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General Conditions

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The General Terms & Conditions are applicable to the reservation of tickets/seats via the internet.

Article 1.

The use of the website allows the customer, within the availability of the items and the limitations stipulated by the organisation, to reserve one or more items for the events posted on the website and to receive these items.

Article 2.

The website allows the customer to reserve one or more seats up to a date that is specified by the organisation or until availabilities are exhausted.

Article 3.

Except in the case of expressly contradictory correspondence, the reservation of seats implies the customer’s acceptance of these General Terms & Conditions.

Article 4.

The website administrator aims to prevent all possible forms of profiteering, deceit and fraud, as well as any type of discrimination related to access to and use of the website. Taking this into account, the organisation and the administrator waive any liability if the customer does not settle the payment, or if the customer transfers incorrect information at the time of the reservation of multiple seats.

Article 5.

In any case, the customer is responsible for the execution of the payment and the data linked to it.

Article 6.

The price stated on the website under the final settlement includes all charges and taxes. The customer must transfer this money to the organisation using the means offered during the order process and within no later than 7 (seven) days following the delivery of proof of purchase. When this payment is made using a direct payment method (e.g. VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.), the customer authorises the administrator or its Partner(s) to carry out this payment and transfer it to the administrator or the organisation.

Article 7.

The customer will receive the proof of purchase via a link sent in an email no later than 7 working days after receipt of the payment. The customer must print these tickets and store them with due diligence. When requested, the customer must present these tickets at the event.

Article 8.

Proof of purchase will not be refunded in any case.

Article 9.

When reserving seats via the website and upon the transfer of the data by the customer to the administrator and the organisation, this data could be used by the administrator or the organisation with the sole purpose of informing the customer about new events. The customer can always simply request to waive this advantage and/or to view their data and change this if desired.

Article 10.

When one clause of the General Terms & Conditions is nullified or should appear to be partially unenforceable, this shall have no impact on the other General Terms & Conditions and these shall continue to be fully applicable, excluding the disputed clauses insofar as this is possible.

Article 11.

Any complaints must be submitted by registered post within 3 (three) days following the access of the website to the address of the organisation stated in Article 13 and must be sufficiently justified.

Article 12.

In case of disputes, the Commercial Court of Bruges holds sole jurisdiction, with proceedings being held in Dutch, and only Belgian law is applicable.

Article 13.

The organisation behind the website is Global Aim cvba, Krakeleweg 4, 8000 Bruges, Belgium.