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At Bomboclat Festival, we go for a clean festival. With duurzaamkantoor.be as a sustainable event partner, we’re working on an economical energy policy, are trying to reduce waste production and are looking for ways to keep the beach waste-free. That’s why we’re fond of reusable cups. They reduce waste and help to keep the environment cleaner and healthier!

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When you buy a drink at the bar, you only pay €1 for your cup, can, or bottle.
You can use your empty cup(s) as currency at the bar, with the exception of the food trucks.
Here, the same principle applies: 1 cup = €1

You can also exchange your cup for cash at the cash point, and again, it’s 1 cup = €1 here.

Note: The value of your cup cannot be transferred to your account, refunds are only in cash!

Lost your token or cup / can / bottle?

Pay the price of a token extra at your next order.

You can only exchange 1 cup / can / bottle per drink

It is not possible to pay for the purchase of 1 drink with several empty cups / cans / bottles.