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We proudly embrace a family-friendly atmosphere, providing a space for families to immerse themselves in music, arts, and culture together!


Experience the music you adore alongside your whole family in a safe, welcoming, and joy-filled environment…

"Throughout the year, the kids constantly ask when the Bomboclat Festival is. Every time we announce a surprise outing, they hope it will be the Bomboclat Festival. They have the time of their lives! And when the children are enjoying themselves, we as parents enjoy it too."

Barbara, mother of Diack and Eli

"Bomboclat Festival isn't just a music event; it's a family affair. The kids' corner transforms the festival into a playground of wonder, allowing parents to revel in the music while witnessing the pure delight on their children's faces in the kids' corner. It's a celebration we share as a family."

Elodie, mother of Joran, Isla and Noah

"At Bomboclat Festival, the magic extends to every generation. Sharing the dance floor with my child on the beach creates timeless memories."

Marie, mother of Rinus and Ruth

"Bringing my kids to Bomboclat is like introducing them to a cultural celebration and vibrant energy. The music, the beach, the shops, the food ... and the kids corner make it a family experience never to forget!"

Jason, father of Nour
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Family Facilities

We strive to simplify the experience of bringing your family to P&V Bomboclat Festival by offering the following:

Free admission for children under 15 years old.

A designated Family Campsite within the General Campsite, providing a space for families to connect with other families while being situated farthest away from the late-night festivities for a peaceful night’s rest.

Kids Corner: An exclusive activity area on-site offering hours of free-to-access activities. More information below.

Kid Monitors: Permanent supervision from 13:00 to 20:00 throughout the festival.

Breastfeeding and diaper-changing areas are provided for your convenience.

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Kids Corner

Our dedicated Kids Corner is situated right at the entrance of the festival. Throughout the weekend, you can stop by and enjoy a vibrant program of free-to-access activities tailored for every little one.

Stay tuned for the full program announcement, but previous activities have included percussion and dance workshops, crafting sessions, inflatable castles, beach soccer, face painting, and much more to give you a glimpse of what’s in store.

In addition to Kids Corner, the festival site hosts a variety of other activities including acrobatics, dance performances, fire breathing, and much more for you to explore.