After movie 2023

Lost & Found

Lost any items on our festival grounds?All identifiable items (ID, credit/debit cards, phones, wallets etc.) and valuable items (watches, jewellery, speakers, headphones, etc.) will be collected by the Bruges police.They will be available for pick up starting August 30th at PZ Brugge, Lodewijk Coiseaukaai 3, 8000 Brugge. All other found items (clothing, shoes, make-up, bags without ID, etc.) will be delivered to the festival staff. Please email found@bomboclat.be for these items. Pick up is available from August 28 until August 30th at the festival site. Starting August 31st these items are available for pick up during office hours (09h – 16h) at Krakeleweg 4, 8000 Brugge.

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