Code of conduct

P&V Bomboclat festival has a zero-tolerance for violence, discrimination or sexual harassment. If you jeopardize the safety of other festival members you will be removed from the grounds immediately. If you are a witness to harassment of any kind do let our staff know.

Share hugs, not drugs! We are here to have a good time. Please keep illegal drugs far away from the festival. There are many ways to please yourself and the people around you.

Peter Tosh sang, “If you live in a glasshouse, don’t throw stones”. Let’s not throw stones and let’s not make P&V Bomboclat Festival a glasshouse. Sharp objects are made to cut; there is no need to cut on site.

You’ve done a great job learning to go on the potty in your childhood. Don’t forget what you learned: use our toilets!

We love nature, we do. But besides the Rasta lions on the flags, fish in the sea and the birds and the bees we can’t allow any other animals on the festival- and campsite. We are sure dogs, cats and domesticated lions don’t like loud music anyways…

You can bring food and drinks to the camping site if it’s not packed in glass bottles. Parents with children can bring baby food and drinks to the festival site as well. But the teens and adults have to buy drinks like real grown ups do. And you know what you should also do? Drink water from time to time so you make it through the night!

We really love to turn up our disco! But our neighbours love a good night’s rest even more. Please respect the environment and the local community. Use garbage bins, don’t sing loudly on your way home (yes our camping is your home for three days) and say hi now and then. People like it when they are recognized as human beings. #respect

It is possible to park your camper in our parking. You need a regular parking pass to get on the parking and a regular campsite ticket to get to the campsite infrastructure.

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